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We provide assessment and treatment for a variety of conditions and minor emergencies when you need it, without the high cost and long wait at a hospital emergency room. Our services are usually 80% the cost of an emergency room visit. If you simply need a strep test, flu shot or sports physical, we also offer these services at a reasonable cost with no appointment and no waiting. If you don’t see your medical issue, please call us 816-415-8855 to inquire about our services.

Minor Conditions/Ailments

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Allergies & Allergic Reactions • Asthma & Breathing Problems
Back Problems • Burns • Bronchitis & Pneumonia
Colds & Flu • Dehydration • Diarrhea • Ear Aches/Infections
Fever • Food Poisoning • Gastroenteritis or Stomach Ailments
Headaches/Head Injuries • Nausea & Vomiting • Pink Eye
Rashes • Poison Ivy • Respiratory Infections • Seasonal Allergies
Sinusitis • Skin Infections/Problems • Sore Throats
Urinary Tract Infections

Minor Emergencies

Girl in a arm sling
• Abscesses
• Foreign Object Removal
• Fractures & Sprains
• Insect & Animal Bites
• Lacerations, Abrasions, Cuts & Bruises

Preventive Medicine

Checking blood sugar levels
• All Blood/Lab Analysis
• Cholesterol Screening
• Diabetes Screening
• Sports Physicals
• Travel Medical Advice


Doctor checking patient for strep thoat
• Alcohol & Drug Testing
• Pre-Employment Physicals
• Sports Physicals
• Strep & Flu Testing

Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

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At Liberty Urgent Care, we will take special care of your medical needs when you have experienced a motor vehicle accident. To ensure that you are treated in a prompt manner, please bring the following information for your visit to Liberty Urgent Care following a motor vehicle accident.

• The patient’s auto insurance information. This is your  auto             insurance, not the insurance from the other person involved in the motor vehicle accident.
• The claim number given to you by your auto insurance company.
• The address and phone number of your auto insurance company.
• The name of your claim adjuster at your auto insurance company.

Foot Care By Licensed Podiatrist

A pair of feet

Workman’s Compensation

Lady sitting at her desk in pain holding her lower back and head
Take the stress out of workman’s compensation claims by completing your company’s paperwork in advance. Once we have your company’s information on file, all you need to do is send your employee to Liberty Urgent Care with a claim no. from your workman’s compensation insurance provider. Save time, let us help you with your workman’s compensation medical treatment. Complete the forms below and fax them to Liberty Urgent Care or contact us at 816-415-8855 for more information.

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We also offer additional services for employers including routine physicals and drug screening.

Employee Information
The first step in gaining treatment for a work related injury is to notify your employer. In order to correctly bill your company’s workman’s compensation insurance provider, we need workman’s compensation forms completed by your employer. The forms include your personal information along with the claims adjuster and claim number from your company’s workman’s compensation insurance provider. By following these steps prior to medical treatment, you will not be liable for the medical bills.

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